The Environmental Media Association (EMA) is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization founded in 1989 to inspire solutions for the environment through our impact in media and pop culture. 

The organization has grown into a diverse subsection of entertainment industry tastemakers, entrepreneurs in finance and technology, and green icons dedicated to the mission of promoting environmental progress and innovations through celebrity role modeling, campaign work, year round programs and large scale annual events, The EMA Awards and EMA's Impact Summit. 

Every year EMA’s mission of advocacy and change through celebrity and media gets a global platform at the iconic Environmental Media Awards Gala.  The EMA Awards have been honoring film/tv and beyond for excellence in environmental messaging for 27 years, with our last Awards in 2016 nearing 2 billion media impressions.  The EMA Awards is truly the premier annual gala for the environmental and entertainment community. 

Our annual programs include:

  • Green My School:  Every year we bring celebrities back to their hometowns to build school gardens. (We also have a local sister program providing celebrity ambassadors and resources to build organic gardens in low income schools that can't provide this to their students on their own). 

  • Health Family Trusted Partners:  Trusted Partners is a third party certification program, creating guidelines for manufacturers in direct to consumer products (health, beauty, baby, food, etc.). Once a company meets requirements they are featured and promoted on our website and social. Our goal is to build a large network and provide a consumer directory for families to live a healthier, toxic free life. 

  • The EMA Speaker Series: Our Speaker Series creates engaging monthly events for our board members and general members to get educated on the latest environmental issues and innovations. Each event has a celebrity moderator and a diverse panel representing different sides of the topic at hand. Each event is filmed and recorded for our YouTube and podcast channels. 

  • EMA Green Seal: Our longest running program, the EMA Green Seal creates production guidelines to help reduce the carbon footprint on film and television shows. In 2016, we expanded the EMA Green Seal to create new standards for hospitality businesses. Each year Green Seal recipients are recognized on our website and at the EMA Awards. 

  • IMPACT: Our newest program, Impact is all about profiling and inspiring the change we can make on our planet by investing correctly, both personally and professionally. The Impact Program has two unique focuses, spotlighting the niche world of impact investment mutual funds and inspiring the next generation of socially and environmentally responsible businesses through our Impact Innovation Challenge. We showcase both of these focuses at the brand new, annual EMA Impact Summit. 

Overall, EMA serves as a valuable link between the world of media and the environmental community, working tirelessly to bring the planet's most pressing issues to the forefront of pop culture and make true change by inspiring the next generation of filmmakers and entrepreneurs. To find out more about our programs and events, visit us at www.green4ema.org and www.facebook.com/EMAOnline, Hashtag #Green4EMA, Instagram @green4ema and Twitter @green4ema.